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AutoKut from SEC is gantry type robust CNC profile cutting machine.
It has a rugged gantry design for optimum performance in a wide range of processes including OxyFuel as well as for Plasma Cutting.
SEC provides choice and options that allow you to configure a gantry system with capacity and options you need for your applications.
It combines powerful performance with multiple torch carriage flexibility to deliver high productivity of ultra accurate shapes such as circles, rectangles, stars, hexagons or any shape your creativity can conquer.
AutoKut’s uses the best and most reliable “SEC” controller and drive system. It comes with state-of-the-art anti surge function. The drives are fitted with DC super Stepper motors with zero backlash drives. It can also be supplied with
AC Servo Motors with zero backlash Planetary Gearboxes
The cut quality and accuracy are dependent on smooth precise motion control on both the axes. You get the best when you choose SEC,s AutoKut CNC Plasma Cutting Machine.
AutoKut has Heavy duty precision machined caged ball Linear Bearing Guides supplied for long life and vibration free very precision motion movement.
The Gas Control System is designed for efficient and safe gas control.
The gas panel is mounted on the machine for easy operation.
Hi-Lo preheat control is provided as standard. Cutting Oxygen vent-off valve is provided for safety.
Torch Stations Manual cum Motorized torch stations are available as optional. Auto Ignition, Auto Height sensing,
Plate marking are other optional features. Choice of injector type and Nozzle mixing type cutters
are available to use with standard and high-speed nozzles.
Plasma cutting possible .The machine is plasma ready. Various plasma equipment options are available for individual needs. The machine can also be supplied with Arc Voltage Height Controller.
1 The Machine is the blend of best of PC and PLC Control Technology.
The Software Runs on PC and the Machine runs on PLC.
The Software generates G Codes which is taken in a USB pen and transferred to Machine where the PLC controller displays the drawing and does the cutting operation…. due to this the machine is always safe from viruses and windows crashes and registry problems…. This is the major issue in a PC based run machine controller.
2 The Machine is blend of World Best technology:
Controller : MicroTek …. USA
Linear Bearings : THK …. Japan
Nesting Software : IBE ….. Germany
Oxy Fuel D7 NM : Koike … Japan
Plasma Power Source : Hypertherm …. USA
Plasma Power Source : Kjelberg ….. Germany
Machine Structure : SEC Machines … India
Guarantees and After Sales : SEC Machines … India
3 Low Power Consumption and very Safe system :
The Machine runs on just 1 Phase 230V 50Hzs and consumes hardly 3.5 Amps. It has inbuilt Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker , Overload Circuit Breaker , Voltage Stabilizer , Uninterrupted Power Supply and All Shut Emergency Switch.
4 Unique Start from Same Point Feature :
In event of Emergency Shut Off or Power Failure the Machine can start from the same point where it stopped and can even be jogged back and front on the line of cut.
5 Lesser Chance of Breakdown than any other CNC Machine.
AutoCut does not run Windows PC , no viruses , no registry errors , no adwares , no malwares , no missing files due to softwares deletion and no pirated softwares problems … major breakdowns of CNC Machines are due to the above mentioned factors only.
6 Higher Accuracy plus minus 0.5mm and Reliability
AutoCut has inbuilt Electronic Gearing calibration system , this enables any mechanical errors to be corrected digitally . AutoCut is very accurate and gives reliable superior accuracy years after years and this feature is possible due its Unque unmatched Electronic Gearing Technology.
7 Comes with Rock Solid Guarantees
15 Months on Site Warranty even for the Electrical Components 3 years Warranty for Hypertherm Plasma Power Source India’s Best Elgi fully Guaranteed Air Compressor.
8 Saves Scrap upto 30%
Due to World Renowned Automatic True Shape Nesting Software from Germany.
9 Cuts 26% Faster ………. Saves 25% Gas
Comes with World Famous Japanese Divergent High Speed NM Oxy Fuel Technology Ultra Safe due Nozzle Mix System … no more backfires in Torch and Hoses The Nozzles last 5 times longer and gives very good cut quality.
10 Backed by 20years of your Local Experience and Credibility.
SEC is more than 20 years in Cutting Machines Manufacturing and has large List of Satisfied Customers and its list consist of customers like L&T , Thermax . Railways and Govt Departments.
Max Profiling Speed 4000 mm/min
Traverse Speed 8000 mm/min
Machine Accuracy As per Din Standard
Repeatibility As per Din Standard
Bearings Caged Ball LM Guide Bearings
Beam Industrial Ultra Staright and Robust Aluminium Extrude Section.
Drive system Rack and Pinion with Electronic Correction Facility.
CNC Industrial Grade Arm Chip PLC Controller.
Drives Dual Drive Stepper or AC Servo
Kerf Compensation 0 to 10 mm
Effective Cutting Width 1500mm ( also 2000mm , 2500mm , 3000mm, 3500mm )
Effective Cutting Lenght 3000mm ( also 4000mm , 5000mm , 6000mm, 8000mm )
Machine Width 2200 mm
Machine Lenght 3700 mm
Material Thickness Oxy Fuel 5mm to 150mm
Material Thickness Plasma 0.5mm to 10mm ( also 12mm,15mm,20mm,25mm )
Torch Station 1 Plasma , 1 Oxy Fuel ( more possible )
Plasma Compatibility Yes
Power Input 230/240 VAC - 50 Hzs

Packing List - Standard Accessories

Machine Controller Carriage 1 Set.
Hi Lo Oxy fuel Gas Console 1 set
IBE Nesting Software 1 No.
Torch Height Controller 1 No.
Machine Torch with Nozzle 1 Set
Oxygen Regulator 1 No.
Acetylene Regulator 1 No.
Flash Back Arrestors 5 Nos.
XY Table unit 1 Set.
Plate Keeping Table 1 Set.
Hose Pipes and Cables 1 Set.
Cable Conveyors 1 Set.
Instruction Manuals 1 Set.
Instructing VCD 1 No.
The Machine will be Packed in 6 Wooden Boxes and 4 Cartons

Wooden Box Packing Dimension and Gross Weight

Total Weight of all Boxes Kgs 870 approx
Volume of all 10 Boxes M3 2.3 approx


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Cut Samples

Circle Metal Plate Cutting Irregular Shape Cuttings Star Shape Cutting
Brass Circular Cuttings  Metal Cuttings Brass Metal Cuttings
Steel Plate Cutting Metal Plate Cutting Brass Plate Cutting
ALuminium Plate Cutting U Shape Metal Cutting. Square Metal Plate Cutting, Rectangular Cutting
Stainless Steel Cuttings  Circular Cuttings, Square Metal Plate Cuttings Aluminium Plate Cuttings
Metal Cutting Circular Metal Cutting Circualr Metal Plate Cutting
Steel Cuttings Steel Metal Cuttings Irregular Shape Metal Cutting
Metal Plate Irregular Shape Cutting Hexagon Cutting, Square Cuttings img