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Oxy- 70 is a sturdy yet Portable 0xy Fuel Plates Cutting Machine. It is designed for Clean and Accurate cutting of Mild and Low Alloy Carbon Steel. It is Easy to Operate and is best suited for Straight line, Bevel and Circular Cuttings.
Oxy 70 means maximum 70mm thickness capacity, the machine can cut Straight Line cuts upto 1.8 Mtrs length or multiples, can cut Circles from 75mm to 1200mm diameters, Bevels from 0 to 45 degrees.
The Machine traverses on an Aluminum Rail for Straight Cutting and cuts circle with a circle cutting attachment.
The speed of Oxy- 70 can be set instantly by an indexed speed selector knob .Its forward/off/reverse switch is located just below the speed control knob for easy and quick operation. The speed of the machine can be varied from 80 to 800 mm/min to suit the nature of cutting.
The Machine can be supplied with Injector Mix or Nozzle Mix or Victor compatible Torch .
The Machine can be supplied with or without Mechanical Clutch.
SEC also has models to cut thicker plates like Oxy 150 , Oxy 200 , Oxy 300.
1 Light Weight , Portable yet very Robust and Durable.
2 Easy to Operate and very Accurate.
3 Has Add on Rail system … where one rail can fit in the next and next.
4 Has dynamically balanced Motor with Ultra Smooth Gearbox for smooth and clean cut.
5 Fall Free Helical Spring Torch Holder Design… keeps torch gripped firmly.
6 Pictorial Spares selection Chart for easy part reorganization.
7 Has Counter Balance Facility … enables larger torch - machine distance.
8 Can be Supplied with or without Mechanical Clutch.
9 Can be supplied with Injector Mix or Nozzle Mix or Victor Compatible Torch system.
10 Comes with Rock Solid 15 months Warranty.
Cutting Capacity 5 mm to 70 mm.
Bevels 0 to 45 degrees .
Straight Cuts 1.8 meters and multiples.
Circle Cutting 75 mm dia to 1200 mm dia.
Cutting Speed 80 mm/min to 800 mm/min [variable]
Torch Adjustment Vertical-70 mm Horizontal-85 mm
Voltage 220/250 Volts, AC/DC,50 Hz.
Maximum Current 0.35 Amperes.
Fuse Bottle type - 500 mA..
Hose Connection

1/4 '' G [Fuel gas LH & Oxygen RH]

Dimensions  430 mm x 250 mm x 220 mm.
Net Weight 9.5  kgs

Packing List - Standard Accessories

Oxy 70 Trolley with 1 Sliding Plate - 1 Set.
1 Cutting Torch + 1 Torch holder + 1 Nozzle + 2 Nut Nipples - 1 set.
Circle Cutting Attachment - 1set.
Extra Nozzle - 1 no.
Bottle Fuses - 2 no.
Nozzle Cleaner - 1 no.
Aluminum Rail - 1 no.
Spanners - 1 no.

Actual Machine Dimension and Net Weight

Machine 430mm x 250mm x 220mm 9.5 Kgs
Rail 2 Mtrs x 114mm x 10mm 2 Kgs

Wooden Box Packing Dimension and Gross Weight

Machine 435mm x 280mm x 242mm 19.5 Kgs
Rail 2 Mtrs x 116mm x 12mm 2.5 Kgs


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Cut Samples

Profile Cutting Circular Metal Cutting Metal Cuttings Aluminium Metal Plate Cutting
Square Metal Cutting Circular Metal Plate Cuttings Circular Brass Metal Cuttings Stainless Steel Cuttings