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Mini Ostrich is a right-handed lightweight, portable yet robust shape-cutting machine, which can be used on field job as well as in factories.
This is simplest and one of the most accurate magnetic tracing systems, which help in maintaining repeatability of the flame cut parts.
Mini Ostrich is primarily meant for cutting different shapes such as stars, hexagons, squares, rectangles, circles, triangles etc. It can also cut straight lines up to 2000 mm in length. It can cut plates up to 150-mm thickness.
The speed of the machine can be varied with an indexed selector knob. The tracing head can be moved in clockwise or anticlockwise direction by a selector switch.
The use of Mini Ostrich is almost unlimited because of the accuracy with which metal templates can be made easily and repeatability of shapes obtained.
1 It is a Right Handed , Robust yet Portable Machine.--- Easy to Operate .
2 Can cut shapes upto 150mm plate Thickness.
3 Can cut shapes from 20mm dia to 2000mm dia --- Super Capacity.
4 Can cut any Regular or Irregulat Shapes like Squares , Circles, Flanges and Stars etc.
5 It is Permanent Magnet Machine – 50% less Electric Consumption.
6 It does not have Electromagnet coils nor PCBs.--- No Electronic Burnouts
7 Its Repeatability Accuracy is plus minus 1mm ----- very Accurate.
8 It has adjustable Counter Weight system ---- Enables Stability in all Cut sizes.
9 It can be used to cut flanges like shapes in single co centric setting.
10 It can also be operated on Rail for faster Operation.—Rail Fabrication Drawing Free
11 Can also be mounted on a Plate Keeping Table -- Table Fabrication Drawing Free
12 Can be even carried in Car ..... very Portable and Convinient.
13 It can be supplied with NM/Ox weld or Victor nozzle system – International Standard
14 It is supplied with detailed Pictorial Spares selection chart – Easy Spares Identification
15 It is supplied with Step by Step Installation and Commissioning VCD.
16 It is supplied with Step by Step Application Demo VCD.
17 It has tracing roller up and down lever – Enables flange cutting in single setting
18 It is guaranteed for 15 months, even for electrical component.
Cutting Capacity 30 mm to 740 mm dia (when template on template holder)
Cutting Capacity 700 mm to 2000 mm dia (when template on central shaft )
Max Thickness 150 mm
Cutting Speed 50 mm/min – 2000 mm/min .
Power Supply 220 Volts AC 50 Hz
Mo 1/20 HP, AC/DC Series FHP.
Control Design Electrical potentiometer
Tracer Clockwise – Stop – Anti clockwise
Speed Control Continuos Variable by a Rotary Knob
Torch Injector/NM type to suit Acetylene/ LPG
Torch Holder Vertical Movement by Rack and Pinion
Gas Connections Oxygen – 3/8” GRH / Fuel – 3/8” GLH
Net Weight 52 Kgs (Approx)
Dimensions 1100mm x 700mm x 500mm.

Packing List - Standard Accessories

Main Hinge Unit - 1 Set.
Template Slide Arm - 1 set.
Cutting Torch - 1 No.
Valve Box - 1 No.
Non Return Valves - 2 Nos.
Nozzles - 3 Nos.
Bottle Fuses - 4 Nos.
Nozzle Cleaner - 1 No.
Spanners - 3 Nos.
LN Key - 1 No.
Tracing Rollers - 2 Nos.
Counter Weight - 1 No.
Machine Stand Unit - 1 No.
Dome - 1 No.
Machine Pipe - 1 No.
Pipe Rings - 3 Nos.
Ball Studs - 4 Nos.

Actual Machine Dimension and Net Weight

Complete Machine 1100mm x 700mm x 500mm 52 Kgs

Wooden Box Packing Dimension and Gross Weight

Pkg 1 86cms x 56cms x 31cms Gross Wt 51Kgs
Pkg 2 56cms x 56cms x 24cms Gross Wt 37Kgs
Pkg 3 28cms x 19cms x 20cms Gross Wt 16Kgs
Volume - 0.24 cubic meter Gross Wt 104 Kgs


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Cut Samples

Metal Cutting Circle Metal Plate Cutting Irregular Metal Cutting Steel Plate Cutting
Metal Cuttings Brass Plate Cuttings Brass Cuttings Steel Cuttings
Circular Metal Plate Cutting circle shape cutting Metal Plate Cuttings Aluminium Metal plate Cuttings
Stainless Steel Cutting